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This is me

 Marc Altmann Naturopath Clairvoyant Spiritual Psychotherapy London
What I do

Spiritual Psychology
Radio Presenter
Spiritual teacher
Spiritual Medium

Mental Health/
Germans in the UK
Gender LGBT


Marc Altmann

Marc Altmann Radio Presenter for spiritual Radiowshows London Studio

I was raised and born in a family of alternativ healing Naturopaths. From both sides of the family, Father and Mother, there were already Clairvoyant members. My ability to see through people and describing and experiencing the beyond, made my highly recommended work with people possible all over the world. For more than 25 years I practice. 

On Air Marc Altmann Radioshow London

In the UK on ChilternVoice Radio I had my own Radioshow. It was about Spirituality and Psychology in all kind of ways. Inspiration for listeners in talking to other well known healer and psychologist, to work on their issues and mindsets, was essential.

For 10 years I gave live seminars in Berlin and London. Here it was all about the same subject I provided in my Radioshows. Today Zoom seminars are still available. The COVID regulations made me do phone sessions which I still offer today. 

My clients receive this service in the three languages I speak: German, English and French. 

Marc Altmann Madeira Naturpath Clairvoyant

Freely I talk about my own homosexualities, I don't see any contradiction in being a spiritual teacher who has knowledge of all religions, and living an liberated LGBT Life.

I see holy books like the Bible, Koran or Tora as a wonderful piece of art for mans Ego to project itself onto it.  To see through the illusion of the Ego to me is essential in these work of art. So, everyone can come to terms with the core essence of its own soul. 


My ability to see into the beyond to contact souls can help people to resolve unfinished business with their loved ones. 


I live in the United Kingdom and also in Germany from time to time.

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